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Have you met anyone who you never seem to get, I mean — you can never understand the meaning behind your interactions. Pardon me but I’m probably the most clueless person on earth when it comes to human interaction. I guess part of it as well is the fact that I can’t look straight into his eyes when he talks to me, therefore it’s harder for me to comprehend what he is trying to communicate.

But whatever it is, there is that little something that makes him react differently around me — or that little something that sparks his eyes when he notices I’m around. He tries to have a longer conversation but I try to avoid it, I’m afraid he reads the stuff I put in here and that he would know why I can’t remember my order when I’ve been getting the exact same thing within the last 6months.

The tone of his voice when he talks to me suggests he wants to hear me talk back more, BUT THEN again maybe I’m just reading this all wrong. Maybe he is just awkward like that, maybe he just enjoys seeing a familiar face every morning grabbing the exact same order, maybe I just never meant to get to know him at all; either way, I can’t be spend anymore time thinking over these things when I have a pile of work waiting to be done.

4 thoughts on “Unreadable

  1. I know how you’re feeling, I’m in the same position. :\
    Keep your chin up!

  2. Sounds to me like (1) you are enjoying the bittersweet unrequited love and/or (2) you are having insecurities of losing him once a long meaningful conversation has been engaged. Regardless, if you continue with #1 or #2 then the outcome is assured: you will enjoy then suffer then lose interest. Why not assume he hasn’t read your blog and proceed with having a conversation? If he does bring it up, then laugh as hard as you can and proclaim your embarrassment. If he is anything as sweet as you say he is then he’ll try to assuage your embarrassment with useless banters. And there’s your long conversation in a nut shell….that’ll probably lead to a coffee date. TRY IT!

    And Mr. Starbucks, if you are indeed reading this blog, then please write your cellphone number on the cup lid or napkin. It would be AWESOME! And Mr. McKenneth, if you don’t see any phone number on your next trip, then rest assured he doesn’t read this blog. S make your move. You are waiting him to make the first move; and he is waiting for you to make the first move. It’s a vicious cycle. And if he is trying to having a long conversation with you then for crikey’s sake, he has ALREADY made the first move. Just put out your hands, grab him by the Starbuck’s apron and kiss the breath right out of his lungs.

    Your situation reminds me of that story where a man is sitting on top of a roof, refusing his neighbors’ rescue attempts because he’s waiting for God to come and rescue him.

  3. Yeah, don’ think about it anymore.
    Continue to finish your project at school.
    Focus on you dreams, relationship can wait 😀

    Go go go, M’c Kenneth!

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