Turtleneck story

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I don’t usually go with turtlenecks because of a childhood trauma I had wearing them. My mom used to dress me in wool turtlenecks that would make my neck itch — not the cutest look. It was sure my least favorite thing to wear, and it caused numerous arguments between my mom and I. It was then when I thought to myself, when I have the choice to pick what I’d wear, I’ll never wear turtlenecks, specially wool turtlenecks.

During a recent shopping trip, I found this sweater, color blocked in navy, gray and blue — my favorite colors. I also like how tight the sleeves are. Mind you, it’s very rare I find a sweater that’s small enough to hug my rather skinny arms.

So I gave in! and bought it. When it’s on sale for $15, who can really say no to that!?

The recent come back of turtlenecks on the menswear runway also influenced me to give it another try.


Sweater from Zara, Hat from H&M, Blazer from JNBY Croquis Collection, shoes from Joe Fresh, socks from TopShop, clutch from ASOS






5 thoughts on “Turtleneck story

  1. I’m not a big fan of turtleneck too, but it fits you very good 🙂 I really love your sweater and of course THAT camera.

  2. I always have a little story about turtlenecks. I was a really fat kid with a short neck so turtlenecks just were not going to happen. I’m almost 17 now and lost most of the baby chub but I still haven’t worn a turtleneck ever….I think I’m also “traumatised”? 😀


  3. not everyone looks good in turtlenecks but you are rockin’ it like no other!

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