Turning tables

- Stories

I love love love this song, and I’ve listened to it many times, way too many — but something happened and I’ve stopped listening to it, not only this song but sadly, the full album (ADELE – 21).

I love how songs bring back a lot of memories. They take you to THAT exact moment, they bring you back all the feelings and emotions you have at that very moment — a lot of times, they are good memories; laying under the sun, listening to your favorite summer tunes, or when you stay in to avoid the winter cold and rainy spring days.

Just like how songs bring back great memories, few times they bring back pain and agony you never want to ever be reminded of again. This song came up accidentally after not listening to it for months. I couldn’t help but be emotional, I was shaking and began to tear up. I usually would just shut it off but this time I have the emotional strength and will power to listen to it completely. It’s a guilty pleasure I couldn’t resists.

I have forgotten how I adore this song, I almost wished I never listened to it while going through tough times and heartache. But then I realize how this song have comforted me when all I had was a pillow to cry on.