From me, to me.

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In congratulating myself for making it on Zara People Collaboration, what’s more appropriate than to gift myself this nice ZARA MAN Canvas bag with suede leather detailing. The one thing that sold me is that little Laptop case inside. I guess I won’t need to be parading around the city with my genericincase laptop bag anymore (unless this bag doesn’t match the outfit for the day of course)

It also has a shoulder strap so it gives you a lot of different option to wear it. As you may have noticed, I can’t even remember the last time I purchased a bag because the ones I have are all I need really and I’m pretty happy how I could easily integrate them to my whole wardrobe. Mind you, I am not making a big deal out of this purchase, it’s retails for $69.90 CDN and it’s one of the most inexpensive bag you can purchase from Zara Man, and with proper care, the quality is good enough to last you years.

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  1. want to sell it to me I give you the double you paid. interested ?

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