to be unloved.

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How hard is it to be unloved? how painful it is to be broken hearted? I guess a man can never explain how deeply wounded he is, can’t utter enough words that describe the agony from a shattered emotions. Love kills; and it gives life. Love ends, and it blossoms back.

I hope you find the way to get your heart healed. I wish I could pick up the pieces, unbreak you and make you whole again. But happiness is all I can give, and I’m afraid that’s not enough to wash away the pain.

Thank you for giving so much when you yourself is missing a whole lot. Thank you for looking after me when no one’s to look after you. The world is gloomy, but we don’t have to be. Let’s walk against the current, let’s fight the dark waves of life. Life is good. It’s not the end, we’re here.

One thought on “to be unloved.

  1. awww is this an excerpt or are you sincerely speaking from your heart?
    if it is the latter, take it all in. it’ll be an experience to remember…

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