Sunshine After the Rain

- LookBook

The weather has been quite a challenge for me lately as it’s been raining more often than not. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. It rains a lot where I live and everyone knows that. I have been into a lot of colors again lately. I’m starting to notice I’ve had a pretty dark fall/winter last year compare to this year, that’s from what I remember.

I haven’t been putting much time onto writing content for my blog due to a number of projects I have on my lap at the moment. I’m starting to think I should include my projects to the things I talk about but I’m afraid that will desaturated the focus of this blog.

Anyways, I will stop blabbing and will let you enjoy this outfit from yesterday.

I like the bright pop of mustard in this look — in the sea of neutrals, brown and gray. I’m also happy I got to finally wear this socks — it’s a very odd color for socks and for a very long time, I was not sure how to wear it.