sun is out, hurray!

- Style

it was an awesome day today. It was bright and sunny, like what a lot of vancouver people have been asking for. I thought it was going rain, but luckily it didn’t.

I did a little shopping during my break today. I bought a linen pants for myself and a NavyBlue Boyfriend Fit Blazer for my sister.

when it comes to style, my sister and I have WAY different opinion on what looks good. We don’t often agree on things but she lets me win some time.

it’s funny how Karl Legardfield did this trend last year by tailoring a tuxedo for womens, and THEN this year it’s everywhere. I love the concept, it’s fresh and genius, it’s fun and playful yet comfortable looking.

They didn’t have XS, so i grabbed the S. Surprisingly, my sister loves it… AHAHAA…she even lets me dress her for her flight back to the Philippines on the 28th… now that’s what I call improvement; she can be very stubborn when I’m being very picky on what she can wear every time we go out for a family dinner… or even just a simple movie trip… the blazer is a little too big, so I will be exchanging it for the XS as soon as we get them on the next shipment.

other than that, Kamile also tried having a lunch break with me this afternoon, it was unfortunate It never came up to my mind to check my phone for anything, because no one calls/texts me anyways. But oh well, hopefully it all works out next time, it would’ve been fun… outside was great… I even spent the last 15mins of my break walking around Robson with a colleague.