Styling Nocturnal Workshop SS2014

Nocturnal Workshop was featured on the cover of CAPSULE show with the campaign I worked on, and I couldn’t be happier.


Style Correspondent #3

Monday: Photoshoot, Style Corresponding, Cruise Event


Street Style in Motion: Ben

I spotted Ben, film student from the UK studying in Vancouver for the summer, passing the sunny afternoon right by the local library. His very laid back take on ‘casual schooling’ is very appealing to me. I love how silent and settle the details are in his outfit. Minimal accessorizing interestingly done. His college-boy-next-door charm […]


You love blow and I love puff

A tribute to the lovely, Amy Winehouse.


One of a kind show: Media Preview

Exclusive media preview for the One of a Kind show this year. It was an amazing afternoon of networking and recognizing local talents while cruising around Vancouver on a cruise. Video courtesy of Nokia N8

Video Lookbook/Vlog

a compilation of memorable videos I have done in the past.


Behind the Nokia N8; Vancouver Magazine shoot.

I had the amazing honour of meeting and working with a very talented photographer Chris Haylett. I also got to meet few of my fellow local bloggers. I don’t want to spill the bean too much but I brought my Nokia N8 and filmed during the shoot. You can watch the video below for a […]


On duty #2


Vancouver at Night

a visual tour of the city at night courtesy of Nokia N8


Vancouver tour via Nokia N8

Since getting my hands on Nokia N8, I never leave the house without it. I take photos of the city and things I find interesting. Have a visual tour of my city through Nokia N8. Welcome to Vancouver.


On Duty

I have been running around the city, writing ideas down, making all my plans happen.


Socks, Socks and more Socks

I am obsessed with socks. I love colored socks. I love patterned socks. I love all socks. It is probably one of the most under-rated piece of accessories specially in menswear. We all wear socks all year round (or at least ideally), and most guys don’t really put a lot of attention to it when […]


Street Style in Motion: Girlfriends

[flv][/flv] It was very easy to spot these two young ladies as they stand out beautifully from the crowd. I’m very glad I convinced them to be on my blog because what they have on was fabulous. Don’t be fooled by their minimalist color ensemble, there’s a lot more going on here than meets the […]


Behind the lens

Go behind my lens and find out my lookbook blogging process.


Street Style in motion: Polina

Not only I was stunned how she looks so much like Taylor Swift, she also had a very playful style. I love her pleated long skirt and I am looking forward to wearing mine soon (very soon, no kidding). She’s very adorable in front of the camera and her lovely personality compliments the outfit so […]

Style: "HS_BW"

Just like Hedi

My ultimate fashion inspiration.


Get the look: Nature Boy


DIY Sean O’pry T-shirt

I de-stitched the neckline on this t-shirt and iron on this image of Sean O’pry, and then stretched it to get me a very loose and casual look. I shall be doing a tutorial on how to make this t-shirt on my blog soon. Please watch out.


Nature Boy

Mixing casual pieces with dressy ones. Still loving this vintage retro round-framed sunglasses. I usually get lazy to dress up in the summer because it usually gets too hot, but light t-shirt and sandals are good alternative to a long sleeve shirts and close-shoes, stay cool and comfortable without compromising you look.



video editorial

Limitation Sparks Creativity

Growing up, I’ve always been very artistic and I guess that translated to my choices in clothing. I have always been very particular, careful and yet still playful in combining pieces together. I like the idea of being different and I embrace my individually. When we moved to Vancouver, I discovered that dressing up would […]


Vintage Fix

Contrary to a lot of you might assume, I am not a shopaholic and I don’t really plan my shopping trips. My shopping days usually happen spontaneously. Like the other day, I was just passing by Granville Street and I had time to kill. I pop by one of the best vintage boutique in Vancouver, […]


Wearing my Face

Another look wearing my very own M’c kenneth t-shirt, which I am very proud of since more and more people seem to like to acquire it. The trouser was a baggy kid’s pants but I slimmed down the bottom to create a much more interesting silhouette. Very clean and simple color story, hope you guys […]


How to rock a wrinkled shirt

Vancouver weather is being a bit of a pain lately. I am so ready to just dive into summer and start wearing all my summer planned outfits, but the weather can still get pretty chilly — leaving me no option than to wrap up a little bit. This is probably the only few times you […]


Colors, I love colors

Very strong color clashed together. I’ve always love the idea of a strong and bold pants — I think people should try and be more experimental with trousers because they usually get forgotten (majority tends to go very conservative and basic with trousers), when you can do so many things with them 😉


DIY tote

The DIY fake chanel tote is back. If you have been following my looks, you probably have seen it in many of my other looks before. I’ve been wearing this linen blazer a lot lately mainly because it’s the only light blazer I have besides a wool-gray one, which isn’t really a good option since […]


Paisley + tie ups

This look features the tie-up belt, please check them out — they’ve got amazing stuff


Over the Bridge

It was summer yet still chilly yesterday. I walked over Cambie bridge to go downtown for my intern. Stop halfway through and took some photos, pretty interesting look and reactions from people passing by.


let’s play Prada

I love the fact that although, this was not entirely my styling, it somehow still has that littleFashionisto mark by having the flying scarf, mysterious in a way by having my face entirely covered. I was all packed to move back home, and I was just waiting for the truck to pick up boxes after […]


a lil leopard

Another summer look!. The classic M’c kenneth look — silent and subtle with a strong kick on the leopard tie worn as belt =D


Shirt – Pants

Having a very tiny little legs can have some perks sometimes. Normal shirts are usually very big on me and would always end up altering them, even the sleeve to be slimmed down because it’s always big and bulky — but I played around with the idea a bit and tried slipping my legs into […]


Biker Prep

What happens when Biker + Preppy had a crash. If I were forced to get on a motorbike — this is how I would do it (missing the helmet though) an alternative way of incorporating leather to your spring wardrobe. What do you guys think?


The (denim) Flip

I thought I’d do a little casual this time. Very chill, skeleton sweater I got from last year, paired with gingham button up. Corky sailor/captain(?) hat, and the 80s acid washed denim, and the classic converse sneakers.


Vintage Military

My dad hand me down this awesome military blazer, but since I’m way too tiny to fit it.. it looks more like a coat/jacket than a blazer, which is totally fine with me — then my bff gave me this vintage Polaroid camera, and those 2 elements make a good inspiration for this look.


Sunset Blues

working as an intern from 9-5 everyday, I get home around 6pm and i might not have a nice sunlight beaming to do a shoot anymore, but I’ve got this gorgeous sunset going on behind me.


Summer Essentials

How’s everyone doing? are you guys excited for summer already? we’re getting a bit of sun here and there in Vancouver — btw I am now officially an intern… so sorry for the lack of lookbook entry lately, I have been crazy busy with work + intern + blog / I hope everyone else are […]


Fashion Night Out(fit)

Just in case some of you were wondering about what I wore for the Vancouver Fashion Night Out yesterday night. I wasn’t going to wear the knit scarf but it was freezing out and this satin harem pants are very thin, they almost don’t exist. I felt wind and ice touching my legs as we […]


Fashion Night Out (in school)

Last night I dragged my bestfriend Mickelli and Nicole into the Fashion Night Out (in school) charity event. I am all for good cause, so when good cause meets fashion, I’m definitely there. I had a great time, and it was an awesome event overall. I put together a very quick video of the event, […]


d a c e Spring 2011 preview

d a c e clothing celebrated it’s 10th year Anniversary last night at the OPUS Bar, 350 Davie St, Vancouver B.C. and yours truly was there to cover the event. I would like to congratulate the wonderful team behind d a c e for a wonderful event. Special thanks to Nicole of and Kate. […]


My LookBook Evolution

I joined in the mid-fall of 2008. Two years of posting a wide range of looks and still continuing to inspire many. Watch my style-journey and transformation as I discovers myself in the sea of drop-crotch pants, pinned bow tie, hand-painted and beaded self-portrait T-shirt, shoulder studs and more.


Color Explotion


Too late for the Parade

Another look. My bestfriend Mickelli made this fabulous band blazer for me (I’m sure you have seen it in my other looks already), paired up with an lycra oversized graphic (i got on sale btw) and a drop crotched capri pants from kids.


Will you be my Valentine?

OH look! I’m smiling for ones. I just thought the whole ‘sad, serious’ face don’t go with this look… it’s such a happy outfit. I love the pop of colors everywhere. I had this shirt for the longest time, but I haven’t really worn it yet. Finally found the perfect time to work around it.


Genie in a Bottle

ery simple look, yet i love the slight touch of studs on the belt. Nothing much to say, my mom commented on this look telling me I look like a genie — mom says the funniest thing about my outfits. It still blows me away that I spent only about $50 for this outfit… shirt […]


Do it yourself Lanvin

I was so inspired by the Lanvin’s Bette Davis Tshirt but I can’t really afford a 600 euro tshirt…. so I thought I’d give it a shot. Everything was done by hand. my left eye was beaded. although it took a very long time, in the end it was all worth it =)


Silence and Dhotis

My good friend Mickelli made this dhotis pants for me. Super comfortable yet, still fashionable. Very basic styling, paired up with my mom’s vintage sweater and a tan jersey scarf. I heard that most guy like to wear dropcrotched pants but most don’t know how to work around it, well I’d say this is the […]


Pin a bow tie

DIY pinned bowtie (as you may have seen on my other looks) very light in terms of styling. Love the shape on that jersey top. I got stared down when trying that on because — well it’s for girls, but I’d like to think this top is genderless… that’s the power of styling though, you […]


5 Recurring Trends

Find out the five top recurring trends in 2010 that will keep making strong showings in 2011 / article written for Everyguyed 2010 Year Wrap Up


Vintage Photographer

polka-dotted tie and my mom’s navy coat. vintage camera as the cherry on top.


Leopard tie

So this is another take on ‘working with the leopard tie’ — who knew it would work well with a micro gingham shirt?

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