Zara says Thank you.

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

During the fourth week of May 2011, one of the photos I entered were selected to be featured on ZARA PEOPLE!. It was such a great honour and with that as well, is a lovely cash prize (which then went into a haircut/wardrobe/shoes and magazines — oh yea, I know how to stretch my $$$)

Last week I got this bracelet in the mail. A small token of gratitude from ZARA. I assume it is not meant to be worn since it’s very thin and light, it is barely an accessory I thought. What is it for me though is a remembrance of my hard work and passion — something I will look at and will remind me of my dreams and how reachable they can be when you have faith and you fuel that with passion and dedication.

  • Natoyaista

    Congrats lil’ Fashionistso… you’ve come so far, so proud of you!

  • Stephan Rosger

    Awesome work!