The Gap

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

This look is basically the same as my previous one, obviously without the second shirt worn as skirt.

I’m always very confident of what I wear BUT SOMETIMES, there are ‘dingy’ area of Vancouver, where the possibility of me getting gay-bashed is very high (I know, sad) — and being so tiny, I do not think I am capable of protecting my self when such unfortunate incident occurs. So whenever I am wearing something a little, let say — controversial/unusual, I would remove a piece or 2 while passing a scary area — then put them back on when I’m at work or at a safer area already — walking home at night tho, I always have to take the colorful pocket square away, cuff down my short shorts and pull down the high-waist trouser. We’re not really talking about confidence and freedom of expression here anymore, I see it as being smart. Don’t get me wrong because I can take the bullying and insulting laughter, I’ve immunized myself to that, but when there’s physical bullying involve, it’s a different story.

It is very upsetting to think that I have to live with that fear, but it could be worst. I wish everyone can just be equal. It’s hard being gay already and for people to deteriorate anyone’s being is completely unfair and unkind.

Live and Let live.


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