snow and a brutal sunday morning.

- Style

and WOW.. i still can’t believe 2008 is almost over. Here’s Christmas, knocking at your door, then comes new year, time flies by too fast, or is it that life is just eating me up.

it’s a lazy sunday morning, I forgot to check my schedule last night and I usually work on sunday, I rarely, as in super RARE i would have it off.

I woke up so early cause I thought I have to work at 10am… turns out I’m not suppose to be working today… and that threw me OFF… 😥 how stupid huh!

Well what can I do. I went home. As I was heading back, I was tempted to go shopping… but thanks *self-control* I fought the urge to do it.

SERIOUSLY, I can NO longer afford to do another shopping… I’m done for this YEAR… no more! as in NOTHING.

I got home bored. I couldn’t resist doing a snow photoshoot so I went out, WITH my tripod with me and my super old camera…

ahhaa… sweater was my mom’s btw.