Snap by F as in Frank – Eco Fashion Week FW2012

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SNAP is an eco-friendly clothing label from altered and reconstructed vintage pieces, curated by the creative and talented team at F as in FRANK VINTAGE CLOTHING. I think the idea behind the label is absolutely amazing; not only it provides creative outlet for young talents but it also gives garments a second life.

While many vintage pieces can look dated, SNAP takes each garment and remodel them to fit the current trend — modernizing one-of-a-kind pieces for their fashion and style savy consumers.

Floral dresses and trousers, patterned cardigan and pocket-patched shirts — the collection definitely has some Western influences fused with girly bohemian.

Although I would personally prefer the “Bad-ass Harley Davidson chick + Hawaiian picnic” styling on their previous show (held at the Fortune SoundClub), this current collection is very fitting for the Coachella goers.

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