Sid Neigum for VFW

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Neutrals colors dominated the runway for Sid Neigum’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. With a hint of what I call “tough-rough-chic”, Sid encorporated hardware, metals prints, wrinkled leather, and puffer vest into his Collection.

Biker leggings & bamboo harem pants are paired up with asymmetric blazer. Drapes are used to create dramatic flow contrasting the washed lamb leather pieces. The fabric choices are elegant and effortless. I personally love the slight sheerness of the shirt on look#3 and the use of Unisex pants/leggings. I absolutely adore that fact that he took a puffer vest and re-constructed it into something completely different yet wearable.

There’s a sort of futuristic lifestlye that Sid has in his collection. A story of a younger generation embracing control and power, sort of a silent strength and confidence inside. The collection is clean, cohesive and inspiring. All the pieces, both menswear and womenswear came together as a whole.

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