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As you may have already noticed, by that big banner right above my blog, I made it to the Second Round of Nokia + Elle Search for Style Correspondent. The challenge for this round is to write an essay of 250 words or less about why I should be 1 of the 8 winners to be flown into NYC to cover the Fashion Week, here’s my entry for you guys to read

Standing at 5-foot-tall with a waistline of 22ā€, I was told I would never make it into the fashion world. Three years later and here I am, on a competitive journey to be the Next Style Correspondent for New York Fashion week.

I say limitations do not only spark creativity, but it also fuels oneā€™s passion and love for his craft. I live in Vancouver where XS is still too big, and size 5 shoes for men are unheard of, but that never stopped me. I cut, bead, sew and glue things together and often walk around downtown Vancouver wearing head-turning outfits.

Fresh from finishing a program in Interactive Media and Communication, I have the skills to flourish in my chosen field. Iā€™m the one-man-team behind littleFashionisto.com; my duties include hand coding the website, designing the layout, styling my photo shoots, taking the photos (with the help of a tripod) and finally editing all the photos and videos. I have the heart for anything that has to do with fashion. I love what I do and I enjoy every bit of it.

My dedication, creativity and perseverance paired with my aesthetic sensibilities and deep understanding of the fashion world would make me an exceptional style correspondent. If I were given the chance, I will bring NYFW to you in a unique perspective with a lot of fresh insights ā€“ an intimate and humanistic approach that will allow Elle readers to be in close proximity to the events of fashion week.

The contest is still ongoing, so guys please ‘LIKE’ my entry so I can advance to 3rd round, it would mean the world to me!

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