Rocking Leopard

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This is how I would rock a leopard shirt and an eskuchĂ© headphone. I love the juxtaposition of casual pieces, such as the denim vest and the studded belt — paired up with the patent leather brogues and the loud leopard print. I kept the theme of “dandy rock and roll” in both looks, with elements such as the eskuchĂ© headphone, crisp white shirt, paired up with a biker’s leather jacket (with red lining). This is sort of “school boy — meets the bad rock boy.”

Also, I hope this post inspires men out there to play around more with different patterns and prints. I know when I first picked up this leopard tie, a lot were against it and I took it as a challenge. I wanted to prove that clothing and accessories are just that, they shouldn’t dictate how one would look wearing it; like I mentioned before, don’t let it wear you, YOU should wear it. (You can check out how I wore this leopard ties on this look I posted last season)