Fuel my Passion

- Stories

I think you have something really special… you have the eye, the feeling.
You’re inspiring me endlessly!! Thank u very much. The comment relates to all of
your outfits.

I know I always say this, but when you do get a comment aside from the usual “nice outfit, nice look, i love your this, I love your that” — It’s very fulfilling, it just answers my question “What am I doing this for?

I do this because I inspire people, visually and psychologically. Visually because I feed their eyes with colors, textures, and patterns that sometimes they think is overdone or TOO much, but when all put together, they create a visual-harmony (that’s just how i call it).

Psychologically, this is for everyone out there WHO HAVE SOME ISSUES either with their body type, skin color, their features, specially their height, or even with their identity — I have struggled for years before i found out who I am, and what I want, and where I stand. It took me years to know my body type and understand my needs and where to get them, and I’m happy and proud where that curiosity, the drive and passion have led me.

I’m going to continue dreaming, and with that dream, I’ll keep my passion burning until I get there, wherever it is life may take me.