Putting Away ties

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Summer has finally hit Vancouver (or at least that what I hope so), and I have done some closet organizing over the last 2 weeks and no, my closet isn’t that big to take the whole two weeks, I do it whenever I find time. I found these vintage ties and older ones I accumulated over the years. Some were birthday gifts, some are christmas presents and some I bought from ebay — but man, this reminds of last 2 years ago when I was so mesmerized by ETRO Milano and all I would do is to collect patterns and prints after another and clash them all into an outfit.

I don’t think I’ll be wearing them for a while until fall maybe so I am putting them away for now, and besides that’s what wardrobe editing is about — I don’t throw them away, I keep them because we know, 10 years from now I’ll be thankful I kept them.

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