Over accessorized

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If there is something i love doing in the morning, it would be accessorizing. You can wear the most basic and plain piece of clothing but still make a statement by accessorizing.

It has to be done carefully though, or you’d look like a christmas tree or an accessory rack from Target.

Normally I’d say, limit yourself to 3 piece of accessories, but in here I’m using 6

*pocket square

but you can see how the grouping works

pocket square + Belt
necklace + watch
silver pint + clubmaster

and clearly the pocket square is the loud talker, then next is the belt, then everything else serves as a backdrop..

Clothing wise though, I was wearing a plain white tshirt, jeans that I got from my girl friend/room mate, basic back blazer and a nude shoes.. very plain when it comes to color pallets and detailing SO IT IS THE PERFECT opportunity for me to go crazy with the accessory.

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