Next Step

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After finishing Interactive Design, I am just about to finish my 4-month-internship and I am not quite sure what the next step is for me. I’ve got a lot of things on the line but not entirely certain how things are going to play out, and that uncertainty scares me. One thing is for sure though, I will keep going, whatever it is, I will put myself out there and make it all happen. I am not going to back down now. Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to seek opportunities everywhere. Let’s just hope I find the perfect one for me this year.

If I were in the perfect world, I would have gotten a great opportunity by now to fly to London or New York to work for a fashion house, I don’t care if I have to be brewing coffee or dusting desk every morning, I just want to get career going – AND then, maybe I would meet my prince on the way (but that would be a bonus already).

My life is occupied by a full time internship at the moment, a part time job, and few freelance projects here and there — whatever is left is spent on blogging, shooting, and eating (oh yes I eat — a LOT), that’s when I have anything left. Life has become really busy this year, I don’t even remember being as busy as how I am lately. I miss the luxury of walking down the beach every summer, sitting on a patio at a local cafe, and staying up all night downtown doing just about anything very random, like walking around for hours.

By the way, I’ve got few surprises for my readers in the next while, as to what it is — it’ll remain a surprise until the middle of the month, and just to share what have I been looping in my playlist lately (i know right, completely random blog post), alright ladies and gents, I hope everyone is having a great summer break!