New Desk + Balloon

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Do you notice the change-of-background this time? I have a new desk at the office. Our hired contractor finished his project last week, therefore I am moved from my intern desk to this official spot — that doesn’t mean I’m hired already though, it just means I have a bigger space and a higher chair — which isn’t necessarily too bad. I will miss my tiny little intern spot though. I always felt like I totally just fit in there with ease.

However, today is nothing like any other Mondays I’ve had before. I was tasked to pick up balloons and film them flying up in the air for a client project. Sounds great! specially on a nice and sunny day like today. So the saga began. I phoned few party/balloons company that are nearby just to ask for the prices. I didn’t bother double checking their addresses because it was already online, the same website I got their telephone numbers from.

I got to the ‘supposedly’ balloon shop, an I couldn’t seem to find the building it’s supposed to be in. I walked around the block, and yet I still can not find it. I spent a good 10mins trying to figure the numbering on the building, looking for people to ask. It turned out, the place where it should to be in is now impossible to find because it is currently being shattered in pieces of blocks and metals.

With insufficient battery-life left on my phone, I went online to find out the nearest alternative shop to go to pick up helium balloons, Inflated Ideas on 6th avenue it is — I walked a few blocks and I got to the place. The place looked abandoned. I knocked, looked through their windows to check if it’s open but no luck. I was going to take a photo of the old and filthy building but as I was doing it, my phone died. I swear destiny was playing me.

I didn’t know whether to come back to the office or continue on looking for balloons. My concern is the fact that I’ve already spent a good hour navigating around the industrial part of the city, coming back empty-handedly would be a shame, so I continued on.

The only place I know for sure I could get balloons is from a store I see from above the skytrain station. Although it is a few blocks away, I was very determined.

Handicapped by the absence of my iPhone, I started walking around, desperately asking people who aren’t the friendliest, at least not today. I took the bus, got off, walked 2blocks and FINALLY got there.

Coming back to the office was hilarious. Walking with 10 helium balloons in your hand can get pretty crazy, talk about riding on a bus with them. It was definitely a very different experience. The whole incident was very reminiscent of the movie “The Devil wears Prada” (me being Anne Hathaway ofcourse.. lol) I got to see a different side of Vancouver I’ve never explored before. Raw, industrial, auto-body-shops, grungy, construction sites everywhere — I loved it. Goes to show, life can throw anything at you, often when least expected.