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Most people spent their money this weekend shopping for new clothes, I spent mine on a concert ticket to see Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Tour, and it was well worth it!

Nicole and I managed to get a pretty good seat, immediately onto the left of the main stage, which was fantastic because we also got a little backstage peek from time to time. There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the flames on stage from where we were sitting, getting rained on with golden-confetti and glitters, and getting a lil wink from the dancers entering and exiting the stage.

The curtain dropped and the dancers (equally fabulous in their own ways) paraded on stage on. Beyonce emerged, standing very statue-esque (wind machine et all) to ‘Run The World.’ And just incase it was all a dream, she followed it with ‘End of Time’ — I was in tears. Everything else after that is a blur. I remember loosing my voice to ‘Crazy in Love,’ my neck hurting from all the head turns and hair flipping during ‘Naughty Girl,’ and then nearly fainted when Beyonce flew across the stage, performing Irreplaceable, Love on Top and Survivor on the “B – Stage” — before flying back to the main stage to perform the rest of the set.

I always say — “can I be Beyonce? (but don’t we all at some point?)” last night was definitely another one of those moments. But seeing her perform live for the very first time proves there can only be one queen.

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