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It has been awhile now and I am in a lot better state than I was few weeks back. Let’s just say there’s not even a point in writing this blog entry anymore but I will anyways just for the heck of it, besides that’s what this blog is all about anyways, documenting my life.

So I met this guy, went on a ‘date’ with him, hang out, had a great time together. For someone who barely had any experience with dating, I was, safe to say, infatuated — not only with him, but more so with the idea of getting to know someone and having that special connection. I am not gonna lie but I love every moment of it. For years, I’ve spent my life studying, working, just letting life go by, then suddenly someone comes along, breaks your jaded routine and puts a little color into your rather desaturated life.

The fact that I never have experienced such thing when I was younger made everything a lot sweeter. There’s something about that fresh and naive take on dating that was very serene and fragile, and being the usual idealistic person that I am did not help at all. Wearing my bare heart on my sleeve, I let all of me out in the open. I thought I was being cautious but instead, I was doing the complete opposite.

The dating world was very foreign to me (still is). I find it’s like a dance you have to learn. Step by step, every little move counts — timing, precision — you must be very careful or you can get hurt easily.

But how do you learn to spot the bad guys when they are so well disguised in their pretty and well-fitted masks?

Long story short, I’ve been hurt — roses aren’t all that pretty after all, I forgot they have thorns. Looking at the bright side of things though — it’s lesson learned and I gained experiences. Like they always say, what doesn’t kill you only make you stronger.

Mr. S is a big player — he knows this game too well, a game I haven’t played before, but I am not stupid, I was a little fool for thinking you could be the one, for thinking that there might be something special, I was totally wrong.

This might not be your typical fairytale (like how I know it from Disney), but it will be one. I’m going to keep looking for that prince until I find him (and I’ll look for that glass shoes too). Until then, life goes.

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  1. It was nice reading this as this is something I learnt recently too. Reality hits hard.
    And it’s hard when someone you cared about turns into a stranger, too.
    But don’t worry, you’re not alone. And the right person will come along one day, especially for someone as stylish as you 🙂

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