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Sure you’ve heard about the ‘mom jeans’ before, but have you heard of the mom pajama pants? I found this pair of patterned trousers few years back in my mom’s closet. I’ve always thought it has a very interesting pattern and a great silhouette. I never really had the chance to wear until yesterday. The trouser is very loud and powerful so I paired it up with a plain white T-shirt and a nude oxford shoes, with a fairly quiet duffel bag, and a classic Clubmaster frame.

It was a nice a sunny day out in Vancouver so I did a walking-tour at the Coal Harbour. Fantastic scenery, and peaceful place (at least for now that the construction is not done) but that place is expected to be the new “it” tourist destination in Vancouver.

4 thoughts on “mom’s pants

  1. hi, i really love those pajama pants 🙂 by the way, who takes your photos? do you bring a friend most of the time to take your photos or you just do self-timer? 🙂

  2. @Janelle, I DO (most of the time), thanks to self-timer. but dragging a friend all the time would be awesome though. SELF-PHOTOGRAPHY is very limited, when it comes to angle and variation of poses, the only tough thing about doing it by yourself is getting the focusing right.

  3. @admin, wow, great job on self-timer! i’ll try that too so i get to blog more often too. haha!!

  4. OML! I LOVE THOSE PANTS. the are amazing, I just LOVE your blog!!!!!! gorgeous!

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