Modern Sicilian

- LookBook

a slightly modified version of my previous look.

it’s way too hot in Vancouver these days and I’m too lazy to be dressing up. This is the easiest and most effortless look I can come up with.

(I wore something else in between this look and my previous look, but didn’t have time to do a lookbook shoot of it)

I just bought a new pair of gray trousers and I don’t need 2 trousers so I turned this old gray pants into a short shorts =D

PS: I’m sorry, I don’t like doing black&white lookbook photos, but this one is an exemption because the pieces in the look are in monotones of black and white anyways…

2 thoughts on “Modern Sicilian

  1. you altered your own pants? that’s awesome. last time i tried that, i failed. haha! but yes, it’s been so hot lately!

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