Meeting Sid Neigum

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I had the absolute pleasure of being personally invited by Sid Neigum for his show at the Vancouver Fashion Week. I am very honored and thrilled when I received his email. After the show, I was able to meet him backstage for a little chat. I was stunned and so starstruck to the point where I didn’t know what to say and how to contain myself anymore. I’m always very awkward meeting new people for the first time and I have been working on that. For some reason, I just freeze and shut off.

Here’s a photo of us together in the media room. and look how tiny I am, standing next to him I felt very miniature. It’s hilarious how tired and dead I look here, even after some editing — this is the second round of our photo together, I asked another photographer in the room to take this photo, because my good friend Ivy didn’t know how my camera works — and YES we do have smiling photos but like I said, my friend Ivy took them so they are way out of focus.

I don’t even know why I felt intimidated and shy when he’s so warm and welcoming, very humble and genuine. It was a fabulous night of fashion and inspirations, and I am very happy and honored meeting such talented designer like Sid — who I am looking forward to meeting again in the future — maybe in Nueva York someday, who knows.

Here’s some cutouts I did of the photos I took from the show.