M’cky in New York

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M’cky — get it? short for my name M’c kenneth. There are actually few people that call me that. My friends come up with awesome nickname for me!

This is a fun little number I wore on my first few days in New York. I purchased this poncho-scarf just before I flew out of Vancouver. I love how thick and big it is. It’s literally almost a blanket on me. Now I don’t know if that’s because I’m too small, or the scarf is just made extra huge. Either way, it works for me! Anything that could add an extra layer (without compromising style) is a sure go for me. It’s been really cold in New York, and although I always get by not wearing heavy coats in Vancouver, I just can not pull that off in here. My left thumb already froze from navigating my googlemap (poor thumb of mine).

I purchased this Mickey Mouse sweater from a local vintage shop in Vancouver. I did have to shrink the sh*t out of it though to make it fit me but thank God for hot water and extensive drying cycle. The shoes is the iconic brogues from Dr. Martens (in size 3 UK) — who knew they come down that low for sizing! I LOVE IT! they are the best!

Lately I have been obsessing over this TRIWA watch. It is so versatile and it goes with pretty much everything I wear. I also love how their watches has an interchangeable straps that I can mix-and-match and play around with. I also figured recently that the straps are compatible with TIMEX watches.

And when I ever have extra hundred thousands lying around, you’ll know because I’ll be sporting watches from the likes of IWC’s Vintage Pilot Watch with white gold casing and a calfskin bracelet, or a Pink Gold Cartier with crocodile skin strap OR — if I made it big as in B-I-G, I’ll have a Rose Gold Rolex Day-Date II President. It’s a bit farfetched but why the hell not? I was checking out Chrono24 for a list of watches from all over the world. Ironically, it’s an awesome way to use up spare time browsing luxury watches online — it’s therapeutic.



4 thoughts on “M’cky in New York

  1. Hey Mickey! Hahaha I don’t know why but Mickey really reminds me a lot the song…I don’t know the name but in the song the singer said “Hey mickey” whatever…I love this Mickey sweater you’re wearing, I think you like Disney (I like Disney) I actually get to your blog because I fell in love with one of your outfit that I found in lookbook, you were wearing this beautiful “Alice in wonderland” sweater, I loveeeed it, it’s so sad that here in Mexico there aren’t Disney stores so I can’t get an “Alice in wonderland” sweater like your, because I really like it, well….bye.

  2. Love the shots where the scarf is in movement. Reminds me of a Louis Vuitton one I’d seen before! Although I’m sure yours was more affordable yet equally as stylish! Hope to see you around Vancouver xxx

  3. I agree with Christina. The shots where the scarf is in motion is bliss! I love big scarfs like this

    Kathleen of whenjmetk.com

  4. in above images, the watch brand is not clear… currently spotted RSD watches NYC for my next watch shopping.

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