Marching to Moscow

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Another look with the fur-y hat. I love the pop of color on that indigo trousers. and I own these band sweatshirts and I can believe I still haven’t featured it here on here, mainly I guess because I haven’t really worn it much.

These blazer is my dad’s, it’s got cute military war patches on it (but you can’t really see it in the photo).. and because I’m too tiny, it looks more like a coat on me than a blazer — which in this case works.

I hope you wont get tired of my combat boots. I don’t have many other boots.. and I thought it goes perfectly well with the band sweatshirt.

3 thoughts on “Marching to Moscow

  1. The boots work. It fits so many outfits means that you’ve made a wise investment. I look at my closet of shoes that I can only think would work with 1-2 outfits. I am shamed. So there’s nothing to fear. It’s educational for me.

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