Welcome to East Van

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  • http://www.melissa-araujo.blogspot.com/ melissa

    Loving the weather and the outfit boo x

  • http://nomellameustedmoderno.wordpress.com/ Iván

    So cool man! I love the shoes!!

    greetings from


  • http://thevolts.com/ Olivia from THE VOLTS

    I love the neon touch on the shoes! Great outfit!

    – Olivia

  • http://anastasia-duck.blogspot.com Anastasia & Duck

    Love the print on that shirt!  Looks like you should be playing poker.  (strip poker)

  • lilfashionisto

     HHAHAHA. strip poke? I don’t know how to play poke.

  • lilfashionisto

     Thank you Olivia. xoxo

  • Joosaan_21

    where are those shoes??

  • dhatgirlshi

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