Take me to the City

- LookBook

I came home pretty late from School, the buses were being too slow… I was pretty disappointed because there was no more sun when I got home… I missed a lookbook photo yesterday so I think it wouldn’t be too cool to miss another day… so here it is.. taken from our rooftop patio… Downtown Vancouver behind me 😉

Let me know what you think

  • lanna

    i can’t find words to describe how i feel about your style. you’re like a bible to me.

  • admin

    @lanna, Wow. that’s quiet a big compliment there. Thank you, I am speechless.

  • mmm this look looks smart, sexy and sophisticated…I love it!!!
    This looks like somthing I would see in a magazine (and totally buy later… if I had the money lol)
    Love your style hun
    LiLi x

  • Jelissa White

    Agreed. Agreed. I would pull a loan for that outfit