Summer Lovin

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Blazer, Shorts and Belt from Zara / Shirts from H&M / Shoes from ASOS / Sunglasses from Oscar Magnuson via BloggersWardrobe

  • Guitarlynn53

    Cool shirt!!!

  • Allison Finnie

    great style! I love your individual look, you should create a collage of your own photo’s and inspirations on my website!! You can use your pinned images and then create collages and articles to share with others

    here is an example of a collage i created recently

    i would love to hear your thoughts on the webpage :)
    keep up the good work! :) ally x

  • Octavia Pendrill-Adams

    This was so much fun! I just tried it out, It looks like a great way to self promote your blog or just have fun making collages! Can’t wait to make more collages! :)



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