Neon soles for the summer Soul

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Summer is finally approaching. I can foresee I’ll be a bit more inspired to play dress up.

  • Joosaan_21

    I Love your shoes little one kiss xoxo 

  • Law_9

    Where have you bought those shoes? amazing!

  • The Quaint Gentleman

    As a fellow 5’2″ Vancouverite gentleman who shops the boys’ department on many an occasion, I say congratulations on getting the blazer before I laid my hands on it! :P (Zara Kids at Metrotown, right?)

    The Quaint Gentleman

  • lilfashionisto

     Yay. YOU’RE TALLER!. I’m 5’0 haha. We should do a little shopping together, in Kids/Junior department ofcourse. haah!

  • lilfashionisto

     I got them from ALDO on sale :)

  • Beauty Follower
  • Law_9

    Do they have a special name, i can’t find them :(

  • lilfashionisto

     I’m not too sure.  I’m sorry.