Come Fly with Me, Let’s take off in the Blue

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I have never been so restless in my life ever as these past few weeks.  I have been out-and-about NON-STOP.   I have been doing well in school in terms of tests and quizzes but the lectures are killing me. I often find myself in class tired and exhausted and not able to focus.  Work however is pretty much killing all my time off-school.  I haven’t been having a goodnight sleep either.

  • Raven

    hey i absolutely love this look.

  • D

    Great Look. Love Your Tie, Especially For That It Is Wide Enough.

    Best regards from Poland

  • D

    Hi, it’s me again (:
    One question for You : how much does your Ray Bans in Canada, inasmuch as in Poland they are bloody expensive?