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I got this in the mail today. I was anticipating a magazine from France to come but much to my surprise, it’s a special something from Hungary. I love how the parcel was sealed. I know mails in the past were done in this manner but I wasn’t expecting to get one, sealed like that. I find it very adorable, I wonder if that’s normal in Europe.

I am very happy to have gotten this shirt from Steve Simon Jr. It was custom made for me and I absolute adore it. Simple and very humble, I find this shirt very quiet and timid (I know, I see clothes like real people — weird) but it’s got its very own unique quality to it. I love its fabric, raw and slightly stiff — it didn’t come with a tag or labels (as it is homemade) — the stitching is very visible and fragile and I love it’s voluminous silhouette.

I hang it and let it join the rest of my clothes — but then of course I couldn’t help but play with it and style it for future possible looks. Please stay tuned, a promised photos of me wearing it will be up soon.

Thanks to Steve Simon and his mom,

much love from Vancouver,

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  1. @jesuisunprince, awwee.. thanks. I didn’t know I’ve got few friends/blog followers in Hungary — oh!. must’ve been when some online magazine from Hungary feature my blog.

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