Leopard tie

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So this is another take on ‘working with the leopard tie’ — who knew it would work well with a micro gingham shirt?, like I said on my previous look, most guys would be scared of this pattern (leopard) and would get intimidated, it’s sad how people would automatically assume that something is ‘too gay’ or ‘too out there’ without even giving it a chance… nothing is too loud if put together properly — it’s a work of art, everything must come together harmoniously.

PS: you like the new location? This is out, in the back alley, I thought I’ve been taking photos on our rooftop patio too much, and for this shoot I want a different kind of movement — and don’t you just love those electric post in the background?..

6 thoughts on “Leopard tie

  1. I usually only feature women, but I added this to my modesty fashion inspiration of the day simply because it is the best outfit I saw all yesterday and I couldn’t find any inspiration from females. I really love how you mixed things together in this outfit and it is amazing and incredible!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting it. I featured it on my tumblr: http://rubyeyedokapi.tumblr.com and it will be also featured on Saturday or Sunday on my own personal blog.

  2. The leopard tie is not too gay or whatever.
    People must see it a unisex garment.
    In this look i love the new location, it reminds me the bronx!
    Also the scarf made the swish style.

    love it maestro!

  3. One short question as i really adore your hairstyle and think about having them cut the same way:
    how long are they in the neck and how often do you have your hair cut to make sure they won’t get too long. Unfortunately my neck-hair is growing faster than anything else which means after 3-4 weeks i usually have a mullet -.-*

  4. the knee patch is awesome! …even if it’s a trick of the lights. Someone please design some pants/jeans with knee patches. I have a blazer with an elbow patch that I would love to rock with them.

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