Just like Hedi

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I admire Hedi Slimane for being revolutionary when it comes to his contribution to the fashion industry. Hedi Slimane did not only successfully reintroduced the slim silhouettes in menswear but is also an accomplished multi-faceted artist. In particular, I’m a big fan of his photography.

His work for Dior Homme has become a big inspiration for me. I love his clean and minimalist approach that always translates into something amazing and rocking elegant. Skinny waxed jeans, tailored coats, crisp trousers and the classic white shirt done in variety of shapes and silhouettes that never gets old. Although the line has a very limited color scheme, he never failed to bring fresh ideas and visions onto the table.

I discovered Hedi and his work while looking for a prom-outfit-ideas. I knew I wanted a classic black and white piece, yet I still want to be different from the other kids. Question is, how different can you be when playing with such classic and common pieces — and then I see his works for Dior Homme and it blew my mind.

I remember it vividly, crisp slim-fitted white shirt, with black silk trim on the cuffs, thin collared, with tailored trousers and very slim blazer, arm length a lot shorter than usual. Leather tie and a tie chain for accessories.

Since then I started following his works. Season after season, and just when you thought it could not get any better, he comes up with another collection better than the previous one. He made me realize that I too, can be part of the fashion world.