Intern Report 2

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I’m almost done my first month of being an intern at Ion Branding + Design. Things have been going smooth and fine, however, my lack of time and energy every after work is leaving this blog a little empty lately. Aside from being a full time intern, I still keep my part-time job on the weekend which leaves me restless week after week (not complaining — you know she works hard for the money!.. ahhaa)

But as time forbid me to do any self-photo shoot lately, here are some of the previous outfits I’ve worn at work, shot using my webcam, missing half of the look though.

  1. Wool sweater, denim shirt / I love the simplistic color combo and the unusual mixing of denim + wool
  2. Basic shawl cardigan, micro gingham shirt / comfortable and basic
  3. knit stripped sweater
  4. Leopard tie, knit scarf, micro gingham shirt, and cobalt blue sweater. I’ve worn this look here
  5. Plaid shirt and V-neck cotton-silk sweater
  6. Another plaid shirt with double-buttoned cardican
  7. Stripe on Stripe – I love this look
  8. Plain white shirt with mom’s old V-neck stripped sweater

So that wraps up my intern *fashion* report. Don’t forget to also check out Intern Report #1 for past intern outfits.

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