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Here’s another interview I did last month for TallDarkRoast.com, a local based online magazine that focuses on art, fashion and design. It was a great pleasure to have been their very first featured blogger on their Blogger’s Spotlight column. If you love arts, fashion and design like me, you need to check them out. They have amazing articles worth browsing for.


Here’s the transcript of the interview

Vancouver based M’c kenneth Licon is the man behind LittleFashionisto – one of my new favorite go-to’s for street style inspiration. At 21, Licon‘s fashion sense is already highly polished, and the visuals he boasts on his blog have earned him attention from fashion-fiends world wide.

He’s a virtual celebrity on lookbook.nu, and is certainly a name to watch in 2011 and beyond. Naturally, I had to scoop Licon as our premier for our weekly Blogger Spotlight. Keep reading to learn more about this pint-sized style genius.

You are always put together so effortlessly. How do you generally find inspiration for a look?
I find inspiration everywhere; art, artists, media, runways, designers, random everyday people on the street, posters, signs, ads, the weather, they are everywhere. My closet also inspires me. I look at a piece of clothing or accessories in my closet – and I build my look around that particular item.

When did you first get interested in Fashion?
I have always been very interested in color, texture, and different fabrics etc. but I guess it was when I started shopping for my own that I really built my passion. Suddenly I was free to put on anything I desire and it’s not pre-selected for me.

Tell us a bit about LittleFashionisto. How did it get started?
LittleFashionisto is my personal alter-ego. Living in Vancouver, finding clothes and shoes to fit me is a big pain. I got sent away from menswear shop when shopping for my prom suit, without trying anything on, because I simply don’t fit into menswear. Being 5 foot tall, and having size 5 feet, it’s horrible.

But eventually, I found my comfort zone. Slicing vintage clothes that my mom own and self-altering a silhouette of a boxy-ill fitting boys clothes; it feels great to wear something that carries my personality.

I lay off the baggy jeans (which I belt from 28” – 21”) and started shopping in the kids and women’s department. With a mix of anything from menswear, womenswear, kidswear, and vintage clothes from mom, dad, and my sis – this variety of selections helps me create looks to post online – and LittleFashionisto is born.

Some feel that the Vancouver fashion scene as a whole is fairly bland. Is this what drives you to be as creative as you are with your looks?
To be honest, I’ve learned to appreciate Vancouver’s style. It’s very diverse depending on which part of the city you’re in, but overall, I’d say it’s very relaxed and laid back. I am usually very observant of the street and I learn from their good and bad fashion choices, then I apply it to my own personal style.

I think the place a person lives in, plays a big part in molding his/her personal style.

Who are your favorite fashion houses?
Dior Homme (with Heidi Slimane), for their slim and fitted silhouette, minimal approach yet full of story and surprises. Lanvin Paris, elegance and Luxury… and Etro Milano for some crazy mind-blowing pattern/colors/texture mixing.

Many see those who are ‘innovative’ with fashion as strange or different. Do you deal with this prejudice in daily life?

Unfortunately, I do. I get called names, get laughed at, people look down on me, I get weird looks… But I am way passed that. I have learned to ignore them and use them for my advantage. At the end of the day, I’m doing what I love and not harming anyone.

How does it feel to have such a strong fan base on line?
It feels amazing. I ran into people who recognize me. I get people who stop me on the street and tell me that they follow my blog and I inspire them. It feels great to be an inspiration to people because it validates your work and you know you’re doing something good.

What is your idea of the perfect day?
I like sunny days, so maybe during the summer, hanging out with my family and friends, exchanging stories.

What are your favorite shops in Vancouver?
I have few favorite shops that I wish carried my size but they don’t, so I’m just going to mention places where I get my clothes from. Mostly at Zara (Man/Women/Kids), H&M, USED (vintage shop), Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Front and Company, and JNBY.

Our thanks to Mc kenneth Licon for his generous time! We heart LittleFashionisto!