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IN YOUR FACE; DIY finger painted/beaded/studded Fake Chanel recycled bag.

another look with DIY element.
the short was altered from my mom’s old trouser.
and recyclable shopping bag… finger painted to this humorous and IN-YOUR-FACE FAKE Chanel bag, I’ve been wanting to do something with this bag but I couldn’t find my paint brush… still, to this date, they are nowhere to be found, so I ended up using my finger.. ahahha! i swear I have ink mark right in the deepest cuticle of my index finger… totally worth it though, I love the finish prodcut.


7 thoughts on “IN YOUR FACE

  1. loving the megging look!! If only i could stand the cold!!

    BTW, do you work at zara?! i think i saw you working!!! I’m a faaan!

  2. Thanks Biang. the bag is very fun to make… you should give it a try sometimes.

  3. hey i love your blog and am a fan of all your looks on the lookbook website
    i live here in Brussels, Belgium

    My guess is: you were inspired by the Dsquared2 runway show
    am i right??

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