I’m not well.

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I’ve always thought I was fine… well besides those random “i hate myself” drama, but recently, things is starting to get into me…

I hate that I am super tiny… I hate that i am super skinny.. and I hate that I’m almost a midget.

why wasn’t I taller? why wasn’t I built bigger… it gets so annoying and frustrating!… EVERYTHINGG would’ve been so much easier if I was a lil bit taller… I am not asking for 6-foot-tall kinah thing… but 5more inches wouldn’t hurt, or would it?

shopping would be much easier, people don’t know HOW BAD i wanted to be wearing all these lovely clothes… but what can you do when you’re 5foot tall and can’t fit into anything… because in reality, they are sized way bigger. don’t even get me started with shoes…

I’ve always thought I’ve accepted this… I thought I am fine with it… but maybe I am not… I officially hate myself.

One thought on “I’m not well.

  1. you know, you may not like how you look, or what you’re wearing. but you just don’t know how many people would kill to be you. i guess we all get those days when we just really really don’t like ourselves.

    but look in the mirror, and you’ll see how beautiful of a person you are!

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