If you have to cry, go outside

- Stories

I bought this book today and I was very tempted to read it, unfortunately, school is still full blasts — despite the fact that it is the last day tomorrow — I still have 3 big projects/homeworks due and a separate contract project. But since I don’t want this to be a ‘nagging’ post, here we go…

The reviews are really good and I felt compel to buy it, after all, I haven’t read a book in ages. I had a peak of the first 2pages earlier tonight on my way home from work and I COULD NOT stop reading it. I wanted to read more but I know i will just get hooked and I will not get anything done for tomorrow.

I am very tired but I am not allowed to sleep or to even take a nap. My legs are numb from standing for a full shift, from walking in a stiff suede brogues (which by the way, gave me a nasty blister