Homemade Taho attempt; FAIL!

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I went to T&T SUPERMARKET today after work to pick up the ingredients for a home made TAHO… I missed one ingredient and the recipe I have requires me to soak the soyabeans overnight WHICH IS a huge disappointment because I am craving for it now, and I was expecting I’d get it cooked and ready tonight. Apparently not, I guess I’ll do it tomorrow then, beside I still need to go back there and buy the missing ingredient.

I might actually try and buy soft tofu as well — it’s the short cut version of making Taho — instead of using soyabeans, then I’ll compare and see which method tastes better.

PS. I love how their shopping carts have wheels and you can just drag them around. I can’t believe other grocery stores have been so stupid having those shopping carts w/o wheels where you need to carry it around in your arms, I’ve always hated those.

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