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After the reinvention of the luxury house Lanvin, it surely dominated the fashion scene bringing us fashion followers drop-jawed season after season. Being a ‘luxury’ brand, not a lot are able to afford the glamorous collections and magnificently meticulous craftsmanship that Lanvin are well known for. But lo and behold, Swedish fast fashion H&M are here to give us a taste of what the famous luxury house has to offer. As Alber Elbaz said — it’s not about Lanvin going affordable and entering the fast-fashion scene, it’s about H&M stepping into the luxury that the brand has created.

With just few more weeks before the famous H&M + Lanvin collection-collab hits the store worldwide, here’s my cut-out tribute of what’s in store for all of you fashionisto’s out there.

shoes shoes shoes! if there’s anything that got me super excited in this collection — it’s definitely the shoes. Look at them shine as the light hits them; rich in color and sophistication.  I am very impressed with the selections, you can clearly tell they are well chosen to fit the image of both labels.

I adore that pale green trench and it’s flare-y silhouette and I absolutely love that bibbed tuxedo shirt and it’s matching high-waisted trousers, but then who am I kidding — I bet you these wont even fit me — so I’m jumping onto the accessories.  The pieces were taken from Lanvin’s past collections with an obvious traces of their Spring/Summer2010 being very dominant (hence, the styling and the mustache and accessories on the model).  However, I don’t see any elements from their latest collection this year which makes sense because I don’t think Lanvin would want H&M to be carrying their latest designs.

In spite of the limitation of pieces that were represented in the collection, it speaks to me, it speaks loudly;  Lanvin and it’s corky-chic detailing fit for gentlemen of the 21st century.

credits: H&M x Lanvin Lookbook, Vincent Olivieri by Stéphane Gallois, photos taken and edited from TheFashionisto.com, article by LittleFashionisto.com

3 thoughts on “H&M + Lanvin Collab

  1. When is the collab being released at the Van store?

  2. @Liam Rae, I believe it will be out on Nov.20 all across Canada. =D

  3. Its really HYPED VINTAGE <3 I love this Collob and could wait till its out too in germany =) your posts Fashion is the best!

    Pitty you dont make something for Girls 😀 ahahah

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