Her trash, my new clothes

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As we were moving in, one of my loft-mate has a garbage bag full of clothing she was going to donate to BigBrothers — being the DIY-ers (Do It Yourself) that I am, I asked if I could sort through her “to-be-donated” pile first, just in case there’s something there I can add into my wardrobe.  Mainly, these clothing are the ones she can’t fit into anymore or things she never got to wear and wanting to get rid of… I picked a few of them since they all fit me perfectly and I absolutely love the thrill of wearing something I didn’t spend any money on.

This blouse is made of cotton-jersey so it has that light drape in its fabric — I am thinking to maybe turn it into a tank top, to wear under a coat or a blazer (with scarf) during winter — and it’ll be a comfortable piece during the summer.  I will post it as soon as I get it done.

For some weird reason, I don’t own any distressed denim jeans.  I own only few denim jeans, and they are all dressy-dark-washed.  Well actually I used to own some back in high school, my NOT-VERY-FASHIONABLE days when I wear track suits and would parade in Abercrombie&Fitch; I gave them all away to my younger cousins though leaving me with nothing.  This newly acquired jeans however fits well, the waist is still too big but that’s what belts are for.

This last one is a lovely sleepwear — I know it’s girly and all with its pink silk ribbon and ruffles, but meehh.. it’s a sleepwear, and I can sure rip those ‘girly stuff’ out.  As long as it’s comfortable, it shouldn’t really matter to me.  However, I am planning on hemming it to get rid of the ruffles, and of course the silk pink ribbon needs to go.

So there you go, I hope you guys enjoy this post — it’s just awesome that I spent nothing on these clothes and I’m excited in incorporating them to my new looks.  I highly recommend you guys sorting through your friends/parents/your own “to-be-trashed/donated” bins before getting rid of them — it’s saves  you a lot of money and it’s also good for the environment.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! IT!!!! omg those cargos shorts are gonna look so fierce on you! BTW is that top have a double layer? feel it out cuz if you cut into it wrong it will look like poop…ps ILOVEU:)

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