Hennes & Mauritz

- shopping

Last week, I got invited for the H&M Grand Opening @ Metrotown Mall and these are the items I had purchased.

One thing I sure to hit whenever I go shopping at any H&M location are the ‘boys’ department and the accessory shelves, so I got these Shawl-collared wool sweater and 2 packs of socks (4 pairs). I do not fit into their menswear department so that automatically sends me buying more accessories.

A lot of people seemed to be in a mission to shop while I carried 2 packs of socks with me. I tried shopping, but I was not 100% in the mood. I guess I was just not in that mode that night. I also realized how tricky this whole shopping ordeal is. You can’t just walk in and browse through piles after piles of clothing, you have to be 100% in that element. So boys and girls, my suggestion is to avoid shopping when not entirely into it. Shopping is very satisfying when you do it spontaneously, no pressure and it’s a lot more fun!