Have you seen “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye?”

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I am DYING to see this documentary film and have been looking forward to it since the possibly of it ever existing was still nothing but a rumor. Words simply cannot describe my extreme desire to see it pronto! In fact, I really wished it’s showing in theaters for Christmas and I swear I’d be more than willing to line up to see it but unfortunately, that’s not the case.

While some people were embedded in their couches watching “Home Alone” repeatedly, I really just wanted to see IN VOGUE: The Editor’s Eye. Documentary films about the fashion industry is always a ‘must see’ in my book. I mean for the longest time, we see and follow these people behind the images, the ingenious minds that inspire us endlessly. I have been very curious about what goes on in their minds and have often wished I could ask them or to even hear them talk about their works, their ideas and inspirations, and the process that leads them to the final images.

I have scoured the ins-and-outs, backs-and-fronts of the world wide web for hours and there’s just no luck. All I found were clips and trailers and end credits — WHICH did not help at all, it only made my heart beat faster from excitement — OR perhaps my google-ing job is just a little rusty. So often you’ll find several uploads of complete shows on Youtube as soon as it airs but not this time around.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye
was aired in December 6th on HBO. Sadly, our cable package does not include HBO, and apparently, it was released by our cable provider on “Movie on Demand” package. However, I cannot justify subscribing for a channel just to see a single film.

At this point, I will just sit and patiently wait for it to come out on DVD.

One thought on “Have you seen “In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye?”

  1. Hey Kenneth! I’ve seen the documentary and it is by far one of the best documentary ever made regarding Vogue and it’s people. It’s very inspiring like you said to get a sneak peak of who are behind the pages of such prestigious fashion magazine. I’ve watched it through the HBO channel and recorded it like no tomorrow. I hope I can find you a torrent to download but I’ve also tried but no luck.

    I hope you can see the documentary as soon as possible, though. It’s just breathe taking and quite magnificent.

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