Hallo from Fashion Week Berlin

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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has official started in Berlin and as expected, the venue was flooded with amazingly dressed individuals, non-stop throughout the whole day. Everywhere you go and turn, there’s inspiration after another. I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded with that much well dressed people before but that feeling, energy and vibe from each other was amazing.

It was a massive visual conversation. Some are quiet and subtle, where others are loud and playful. Nevertheless, everyone has something good to say.

Presenting….. (drum roll) the boyz. I think it’s pretty evident we all love black, head wear and scarves. I always stick out like a sore thumb in every group photo, it’s nice to finally blend in — don’t you think so?

4 thoughts on “Hallo from Fashion Week Berlin

  1. I knew you will enjoy Berlin. Einfach wunderbar! Danke.- Schoen

  2. OH EM GEE, GIRLFRIEND.  Wish I coud be there with you! xx

  3. Wow,you must be having so much fun in there! LOL I saw your post on instagram with your “issue” with German washroom mirrors. I love the outfits of two guys on the last picture on the right.¬†


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