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Last night was the Gypsy Market Vintage Fashion show at Fortune Sound Club and I was there to check it out. Gypsy Market Vintage is a collection of vintage clothes, shoes and accessories that are modern and wearable. They have amazing selection of on-of-a-kind pieces that are trendy and fashionable that sure won’t put a dent on your wallet.

I thought it’s a very cleaver concept. Events such as this one support and nurture Vancouver’s young talents, catering to a wide audience of fashion conscious consumers. I didn’t know there are so many vintage shops scattered all over Vancouver until I got to talk to one of the shop owners backstage.

Well hello there, do you guys love my vintage mask? I spent most of the night backstage, conversing with the people who made the show possible. I also made new friends which is always nice as I’m generally a very friendly person (big smile).

Line Up: Gypsy Market Vintage, Crown of Thorns, Starfish and Rose, Hart Shopp, Sweet Marie, Britt WainWright, The Fair, Hey Jude, AGGI, The River Vintage.

Being the shorty that I am, it was very tough getting a spot where you can take decent photos of the models working the runway. It was nearly impossible not only because of my height, but also because of the crowd. I, however, ended up getting “right-off-the-runway” shots, which I thought were equally interesting.

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  1. This is a wonderful post… so happy to see Gypsy Market getting the exposure it deserves! In your 6th photo, who styles those sexy ladies?

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