Going African

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My good friend April, asked me to model for her styling class in school. I’m not going to lie and say that I am very excited about this project. A semi-real photoshoot, with Hair-and-makeup, and a photographer… with theme and vision from a stylist (my friend). It is definitely a new challenge. I mean this won’t me my usual ‘littlefashionisto self-photography’ but it will under someone else’s idea and creative vision.

The theme and concept for the shoot is African that’s why we have all these gigantic and dramatic accessories (which are all borrowed from Mickelli)

We all got so excited about these lovely treasures so we started putting them on me and my other friend Jeremiah just starting test-shooting.

So the shoot will be on Wednesday, and I have been looking through African inspired editorials and some youtube videos of African Dances, so I will have something to work with or some sort of inspiration to use during the shoot.

wish me luck! ciao.