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Another Edition of GET THE LOOK. So here’s the pieces-breakdown for my latest look Assassinator, which made it to Lookbook’s hot page and Lookbook Tumblr blog, and also on H&M’s Social Media Room.

Coat from JNBY F/W 2009
Sweater from Zara Man F/W 2009
Pajama pants from mom’s vintage closet
strapped combat boots by Zara TRF collection F/W 2009 (women)
Thick knit scarf by H&M (classic, they have it every season)
basic black gloves by H&M

I’ve been getting few emails where I got my clothes and accessories, and just overall pieces that I use for my looks, so I thought including the item, where I got them and what season they are from will help my readers a lot.

  • Hey how r u…….you inspire me everyday with your looks. Thank you so much

    How do you create Get the Look?…Ive been trying to find solutions but nada.


  • admin

    Hi Cenzo,

    thank you for your lovely comment =D I am very honored to have inspired you everyday.

    I basically take a photo of my clothes, piece by piece… i crop them using Photoshop, then
    put all the pieces together to create a look (base on something I put together/have worn)


  • Lovely breakdown, it helps alot to see your individual pieces! Love your blog alot =)

  • Nikko

    How did your mom get that awesome pajama pants. That’s not vintage, it screams Fashion Forward. I so love your looks.

  • admin

    @Nikko, I dont know, she used to live in Singapore, thats where she said she got them =D

  • Nikko

    Cool. Hey. Are you asian? You kinda look like a Filipino. :)))

  • admin

    @Nikko, yes. I am a full-blooded Filipino

  • Nikko

    Awesome. Im a Filipino too. I bet you missed a lot of Manila. :)) HAHA