Unlokk by Eason Wang – Eco Fashion Week FW2012

- Fashion

Pressure is on for Eason Wang, the man behind the clothing label UNLOKK, as he opens Eco Fashion Week F/W2012. Only on its second season, the label has been receiving buzz for its dark and moody avant-garde feel. Contrary to his previous collection, Eason admittedly challenged himself in creating pieces that have more volume and structure this time around (as opposed to free-flowing drapes that he did on his previous collections).

Edgy Military and glamorous rebel are some of the inspiration I can see Eason did for this collection. I love the strong shoulders, capes, and the use of hardware. I also noticed playful textures and patterns being introduced, which I personally think loosen the collection a bit. Overall, I think there are many great ideas thrown in the pile, but the combination of if all made it less of a cohesive collection.

On a personal conversation with Eason, he mentioned a future plan to move to New York later this year. We cannot wait to see what this young talent has in store for us.

  • Lisa

    I wonder what’s meant by Eco fashion because some fabrics that they are wearing for sure are not eco-friendly. Even though I work with a hosiery line (www.fiorehosiery.com), I realize that there is still not much ways out there to recycle synthetic clothing. I see that these girls wear hosiery obviously – lace and PVC leggings.